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Information Technology Services

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 W. Adams St., Suite 540
Chicago, IL 60661
P: (312) 906-5300
F: (312) 906-5177

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Wireless Network

Campus-wide WiFi

Wireless Internet is available throughout the IIT Downtown Campus and Main Campus.  To use the secure wireless network users must authenticate with their IIT Chicago-Kent e-mail address and myIIT password.  Wireless devices must be capable of connecting to WPA2 Enterprise.

IIT-Secure network

  • The SSID IIT-Secure supports 802.11a/g/n and is encrypted.
  • Connecting to this network will allow you to connect to Chicago-Kent network resources such as student printers and shared drives.
  • IIT-Secure is also the secure wireless network at the Main Campus.  Once configured, connection at either campus will be seamless.
  • Connecting to IIT-Secure can be accomplished by following either the Xpressconnect or manual instructions below.

IIT-Connect network

  • The SSID IIT-Connect provides no internet connectivity. This network is used as a way to access a wizard-based configuration tool called called Xpressconnect.  Xpressconnect automates the process of configuring the IIT-Secure wireless network.  Please see below for instructions on connecting to the IIT-Secure network with Xpressconnect.

DTC-Event network

  • The SSID DTC-Event is for guests visiting Chicago-Kent.  A usage-specific username and password are required for this SSID.  Usernames and passwords for DTC-Event can be obtained from the Help Desk by authorized departments or requested as part of the room reservation process.

Xpressconnect Instructions for IIT-Secure

The Information Technology Services department provides a tool, Xpressconnect, for configuring IIT-Secure wireless on your computers and devices. Xpressconnect is accessed by first connecting to the IIT-Connect SSID. Once connected, please open a web browser and follow the instructions based on your device.

Manual Instructions for IIT-Secure

Verify IIT-Secure connectivity

  • Click here to verify that your device is connected to IIT-Secure.