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  1. E

    1. Evan Elsner

      Evan B. Elsner

      • Visiting Assistant Professor
    2. David Erickson

      David A. Erickson

      • Director of the Trial Advocacy Program
      • Co-Director of the Program in Criminal Litigation
      • Senior Instructor
  2. G

    1. David Gerber

      David J. Gerber

      • University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
      • Professor of Law Emeritus
      • Co-Director of the Program in International and Comparative Law Emeritus
    2. Doug Godfrey

      Douglas Wm. Godfrey

      • Professor of Legal Research and Writing
    3. Richard J. Gonzalez

      Richard J. Gonzalez

      • Clinical Professor of Law
  3. H

    1. Profile Blank

      Philip N. Hablutzel

      • Professor of Law Emeritus
      • Director of the Institute of Illinois Business Law
    2. Profile Blank

      Sarah K. Harding

      • Associate Professor of Law Emeritus
    3. Edward C. Harris

      Edward C. Harris

      • Associate Teaching Professor