Certificate in Privacy Law


The online Certificate Program in Privacy Law is designed to provide students and working professionals with the fundamental background, knowledge, and professional skills needed to interpret and respond to complex privacy laws, rules, and regulations. No technical expertise is required for enrollment. 

Managing personal data has become increasingly important throughout the modern business and legal world. Such data is often exploited or mismanaged, at times with costly consequences. An ever-evolving array of laws, regulations, and standards across jurisdictions creates new challenges for legal and policy professionals in both the public and private sector. Marketing professionals and administrators need a foundational understanding of privacy in order to efficiently and ethically manage personal data. Those in engineering and information technology fields are often familiar with the technology used to manage and process data but are unaware of the privacy laws and policies that govern the use of such data. In short, anyone in a professional field that intersects with personal information will greatly benefit from the Certificate Program in Privacy Law.

Students in the Privacy Certificate Program will have the opportunity to explore privacy frameworks in the United States and abroad; develop a strong understanding of the different dimensions of privacy law (constitutional privacy, consumer privacy, and so on); and familiarize themselves with leading industry guidelines and best practices. The program will also highlight the practical problems of risk management in privacy decisions that routinely impact other areas of law. The program will enable students—both those pursuing a J.D. and established professionals—to develop the essential legal and foundational background necessary to successfully compete for roles in the constantly evolving field of privacy.

Working professionals will take courses online, while J.D. students will take their courses either in-person or online, at the relevant instructor’s discretion.


Those pursuing a Certificate in Privacy Law must take the Law of Privacy** course for three credits. Additionally, they must complete four of the following two- or three-credit courses, with a written work option (listed below) for J.D. students, which is substitutable for one of the four courses:

  • Advertising and Marketing Law* (2 credits)
  • E-Commerce** (2 credits)
  • Computer and Network Privacy and Security: Ethical, Legal, and Technical Considerations** (3 credits)
  • Privacy in Employment Law* (2 credits)
  • Privacy and Risk Management in Commercial Transactions** (2 credits)
  • GDPR Practicum** (2 credits)
  • Privacy and the Constitution* (2 credits)
  • Written work option for J.D. students only:  In lieu of taking a fourth elective course, students may complete a privacy-related paper for a seminar course or through independent research. The supervising professor must certify to the director that the topic was privacy law related.

* Courses offered in Fall 2022.
** Courses offered in Spring 2023.

How to Apply

Working professionals who are interested in applying for the Certificate Program in Privacy Law can register online. All admission decisions are at the sole discretion of Chicago-Kent College of Law. J.D. students may register for courses in this program in the usual manner.


For more information about the certificate program, please contact Dean Anita Krug at akrug2@kentlaw.iit.edu and Program Director Peter Hanna at phanna1@kentlaw.iit.edu or fill out this form