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Financing Your Education

The financial aid program at Chicago-Kent helps bridge the gap between the cost of education at Chicago-Kent and your resources. Various kinds of financial aid are available, including scholarships awarded by Chicago-Kent, loans from the federal government, and institutional as well as private agencies. All financial aid funds are based on availability, and formulas and sources are subject to change. Scroll down to learn more about what financial aid is available and how to apply for it.

Your primary resource when applying for aid will be Chicago-Kent's Office of Financial Aid, which offers the following services:

  • FAFSA information and resources to assist you in completing the FAFSA
  • Cost of Attendance Budget components to help you budget your expenses
  • List of the types of financial aid available, including terms and conditions
  • Current interest rates and origination fees charged
  • Steps to apply for financial aid
  • Loan requirements, forms, and worksheets
  • Loan repayment resources and calculators

The U.S. Department of Education also provides a website with comprehensive information on student financial aid.


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Learn the Federal Financial Aid Process

Get an overview of the basic steps students must take to apply for federal financial aid.

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Tuition and Fees

Find information on current tuition and fee rates, both now and in past years. Also find a detailed description of mandatory fees.

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Find Available Scholarships

Find out about Chicago-Kent's merit scholarships, external scholarships, policies and more.