Disability Resources

Chicago-Kent ensures equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. The law school building, Conviser Law Center, is fully accessible and, on an individual basis, we provide reasonable accommodations to all students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Students who wish to have a disability taken into account in the admissions process should provide information regarding their disability and explain why it should be considered as a factor. All information will be treated as confidential.

For students with disabilities who need assistance with telephone outbound calls while on campus, there is a text telephone (TTY) device located in the Office of Admissions. The device is available during the office's business hours.

Students are encouraged to consult with Gary Walley, director of the Center for Disability Resources, if they have a disability that may require accommodation. He can be reached at 312.567.5744 or disabilities@iit.edu. All information will be treated as confidential.

Students may also contact Jenna Abhijeet, assistant dean of Student Affairs, at 312.906.5005 or jabhijeet@kentlaw.iit.edu for additional information about disability resources at Chicago-Kent.