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Student Made: New Chicago-Kent Program Boosts Equity with Paid Externship

During her first summer at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Jennifer Dickey ’24 had to turn down a legal opportunity because it wasn’t paid. She says this is not an uncommon...

From Radical to Mainstream: Chicago-Kent Professor to Study Philosophy of Policing

“Though the Movement for Black Lives is many years old as an organization, and the events of 2020 are rapidly going into the rearview mirror, questions about policing and how...

Rewarding Service: Chicago-Kent Hosts 2023 Public Interest Awards

“Chicago-Kent College of Law students and alumni have long been on the forefront of protecting the rights of those marginalized by society. It was that history that brought me to...

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Chicago-Kent Law Professor Harold Krent Breaks Down Supreme Court's Decision Upholding California's Humane Pork Law

“The majority held that you cannot parse a state regulation and say that it’s having to do mostly with morals as opposed to protection for the citizens of the state,” says Harold Krent, law professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. “So that distinction that was forwarded by the pork producers was clearly rejected by a majority of the court, which is the controversial aspect of the decision because it does then open up other states to enact morals legislation which has an impact on out-of-state commerce.”

Bloomberg Law

Author and Chicago-Kent Law Professor Reflects on 80th Anniversary of Sit-In at Kenwood Cafe

“Legal change does not make change on the ground, does not make social change. This is the lesson of history, certainly in the case of race relations,” says Christopher Schmidt, a professor of law at Chicago-Kent College of Law and author of “The Sit-Ins: Protest and Legal Change in the Civil Rights Era.” “But what we need, and what the sit-ins show us, is that when we have legal change in conjunction with social protest, then you can actually get changes on the ground.”

Hyde Park Herald

Chicago-Kent Professor: 'Incredibly Difficult' to Prove That Father Signing Highland Park Shooter's FOID Card Legally Caused Deaths

“Causation is links in a chain, and that’s a very long chain,” says Doug Godfrey, professor of legal writing and research at Chicago-Kent College of Law. “There’s also intervening causes, which can break the chain. I’m sure the defense can point to many other things or people that may have contributed.”

Chicago Sun-Times