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Humans Doing Human Things: Grace Quigley ’24 Wins Mary Rose Strubbe Writing Prize

“Ideally, we want humans to be able to do the human things and machines to do the machine things,” says Grace Quigley ’24. “But automating management can accelerate the process...

Questioning the Law: Devin Ross ’23 Wins Racial Justice Writing Competition

“Being in law school, you’re just supposed to take it on face value that the ideas that built our country make for a system that can implement fairness,” says Devin...

Chicago-Kent Associate Dean Celebrates Successful Prosecution of Balkan War Criminals

On May 31, 2023, United Nations appeals judges significantly expanded the convictions of Jovica Stanišić and Franko Simatović, two convicted war criminals who Chicago-Kent College of Law Assistant Professor Adam...

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Robinhood Decision Represents ‘Perfect Storm’ Between Aggressive Securities Regulator and State Court That Recognizes the Investor Protection Questions at Stake

“I think (the ruling) creates not only precedent for the future, but also space for more breathing room and other aggressive and innovative state regulators to follow along a similar sort of path,” said James Tierney, a professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Police Decertification Can't Be Effective Tool for Reform While It's So Difficult, Says Associate Professor Raff Donelson

“Decertification has to be easier if it’s to work as an independent way to get police reform,” said Raff Donelson, an associate professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, drawing a contrast to criminal prosecutions as an accountability mechanism. We have one set of rules for figuring out whether to take away your freedom,” he said, and “a different set of rules about whether you should do a job.”

The Intercept

Many Law Firms Remain Skittish About Adopting AI, Says Professor Daniel Martin Katz

When market pioneer ChatGPT first became available, many prospective users of legal generative AI tech — law firms and in-house legal departments — suffered from “Fomo”, or fear of missing out, according to Dan Katz, a professor at Chicago Kent College of Law, who leads the school’s legal tech centre. But that early enthusiasm has given way to “Fud” — fear, uncertainty and doubt — he says.

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