Chicago-Kent stairway

Student Experience

Between our dozens of student organizations, our world-class faculty, and our thousands-strong local alumni network, the Chicago-Kent community will be there for you throughout your academic career, and beyond.

While you attend Chicago-Kent, you won’t be on your own. Our dozens of student organizations allow you to grow and participate as an active member of our community. You’ll find personalized attention from world-class faculty who are recognized not just for their scholarship and achievements, but also for their compassion for and mentorship of our students. Our professors have a deep connection with the surrounding legal community and readily plug students into that pipeline.

Our Career Services Office will set you up for success beginning in year one, when you’ll be assigned a career adviser who will help you set an agenda for carving out your career path throughout your years at Chicago-Kent. Beyond that, our career services team offers individual career counseling and career planning advice to connect you with the career opportunities available in the Chicago area and beyond.

Finally, Chicago-Kent doesn’t just celebrate diversity: We live it. Roughly one-third of our student body are people of color, and more than half are women. We have diversity-related events, socials, and forums throughout the year. Our programs geared toward reaching out to minority and underprivileged college students are some of the longest running in the country. In short, the Chicago-Kent community strongly believes that diversity is essential for a healthy and robust legal profession, and we have been committed to this belief since our inception more than 125 years ago.