National Security Conference - The Danger Inside the House: Addressing the Threat of Domestic Violent Extremism

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  • Ogilvie Auditorium, 1st Floor

For the last few years, the threat of violent extremism primarily has originated from domestic actors, rather than from abroad. Although the U.S. government has developed highly successful investigatory and prosecutorial strategies to combat internationally-based violent extremism, the domestic threat posed additional challenges because of the constitutional protections afforded to U.S. citizens. This all-day, in-person, seminar explores the evolving domestic violent extremism (DVE) threat and identifies ways in which federal, state, and local governments can work with non-government organizations and the private secotr to mitigate the threat.

This conference is in-person ONLY and will not be live-streamed. On-Deman video will be available 14-28 days after the conference.

Discount Codes: CKCOMP (Faculty/Staff) and CKCLE1 (Students)


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