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  1. WTTW

    Chicago-Kent Professor Carolyn Shapiro Discusses Trump Asking Supreme Court to Put Off Election Interference Trial

    “There’s nowhere to go if the Supreme Court says no here,” said Carolynn Shapiro, professor of law and co-director of the Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States at Chicago-Kent College of Law. “That’s what I think they will do, that’s what I think they should do. It’s possible they will do something different.”

  2. Texas Tribune

    Efforts to Restrict Travel for Abortion Access in Texas Likely Run Afoul of Constitution, Says Professor Noah Smith-Drelich

    “The constitutional provisions that protect your right to travel from, for example, Texas to Washington, include some provisions that may not protect your right to travel within the state of Texas,” said Noah Smith-Drelich, law professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. “I think it’s a reflection of just how important, how fundamental travel is, that there are multiple different constitutional protections that say you can't limit travel without a really good reason.”

  3. Raw Story

    Chicago-Kent Professor Harold Krent: If Trump Is Convicted, Constitution Would Not Stop Him From Serving as President

    “There is nothing in our traditions or the Constitution that prevents someone who is indicted or convicted or, in fact, serving in jail, from also serving as the president,” said Harold Krent, law professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. “Does it make any sense? No. But there is no constitutional disablement from that happening.”

  4. Business Insider

    SCOTUS Expert Carolyn Shapiro Says Court Must Not Kick Decision on Whether Trump Can Stay on Ballot to Congress

    “We need a clear answer to the question of Trump’s eligibility as soon as possible,” said Carolyn Shapiro, the founder of Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Institute of the Supreme Court of the United States. “The significant risks of chaos and even violence will only escalate without that certainty.”

  5. Court Watch

    Chicago-Kent Professor Carolyn Shapiro Runs Down Supreme Court's Packed Docket

    “I think (the Supreme Court) can issue an opinion (on whether Trump can stay on the ballot) very quickly. They did that in Bush v. Gore in 2000 in a matter of days. And they certainly want to do that,” said Professor Carolyn Shapiro of the Chicago-Kent College of Law. “There are ways the court could punt, and I think that would be a big mistake. They need to resolve the underlying question now so that everybody knows whether or not Trump is elegible to be president again.”

  6. Bloomberg Law

    Professor Harold Krent Discusses Supreme Court Weighing Overturning Chevron Doctrine

    “The (conservative) justices are opposed (to Chevron) I think for two different reasons, and the first is, in all other contexts, judges make the final call as to what Congress meant in passing statutes. ... So under Chevron, the courts have to share this special function with agencies who they view as unelected bureaucrats or politicians,” said Harold Krent, constitutional law professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. “... The other reason is that this particular court is very skeptical of administrative agencies and administrative agencies’ power. They love presidential power, but they don’t like the power of the bureaucrats beneath him.”

  7. Christian Science Monitor

    Chicago-Kent Professor Carolyn Shapiro Breaks Down Supreme Court’s Suddenly Blockbuster Term

    With the Supreme Court set to hear cases with mammoth implications for both the 2024 election and abortion access, the term “has taken on tremendous weight that was not evident at the start,” says Carolyn Shapiro, co-director of the Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States. “On the other hand, it’s not entirely unpredictable we find ourselves in this situation,” she adds.

  8. Bloomberg Law

    Assistant Professor Jordana Goodman Discusses Gender Disparity in Patent Law

    “A lot of people think that you need a STEM degree in order to practice patent litigation, and that’s just not true,” said Jordana R. Goodman, an assistant professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago-Kent College of Law. “But even among law professors, I find people discouraging people” from a career in patent litigation “simply because of their undergraduate degree, and that’s really disheartening.”

  9. Business Insider

    Justices Will Be Thinking About Ramifications of Decision in Trump Ballot Ban Case, Says Law Professor Carolyn Shapiro

    “They will be thinking about the ramifications of this decision in many respects, including the ramifications for the Court itself and the ramifications for the country more broadly,” Carolyn Shapiro, founder of Chicago-Kent's Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States, told Business Insider.

  10. WTTW

    Chicago-Kent Professor Harold Krent Expects Supreme Court to Find Reasons of Process to Reverse Trump’s Ballot Ban

    “My guess would be that they find that there is insufficient process that was undertaken in both Colorado and Maine to determine that he in fact committed insurrection,” said Harold Krent, constitutional specialist and law professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. “We need to have some kind of adjudication with safeguards as to whether someone committed an insurrection before they’re kicked off the ballot.”