Associate Dean Sowle’s Announcements, January 15 - January 19, 2024

Welcome Back! I hope your break was restful and that you have a productive and enjoyable Spring semester.

Tuesday, January 16. As announced, all in-person classes are canceled today. Most classes will move online (check the Blackboard page for your class for the Zoom link). Some faculty may opt to cancel class rather than meet online; professors will notify their classes by email if that is the case.

Spring 2024 Semester. The Spring 2024 Quick Guide page has a revised Spring schedule that includes classroom assignments. The Quick Guide page also provides information about initial reading assignments, pass/fail elections, applications for graduation (for those graduating at the end of this semester), and other matters.

CALI Awards for Fall 2023. The CALI Excellence for the Future Award, sponsored by the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, is given to the student or students who receive the highest grade in each section of each course. The CALI award recipients for Fall 2023 courses are available by clicking here. If a section or a course is not listed, that means the professor elected not to give a CALI award, or we have not heard from the professor. Congratulations to all of you who received an award -- you should be proud of your achievement.

Fall 2023 Grades and Class Ranks. We will be uploading Fall grades to the central server early this week; we will then produce class ranks. I will email the student body once you can order official transcripts reflecting Fall grades;; and once class rank information is available. Please note: Students do not receive class ranks until they have been here for at least two semesters. For students entering in 2022 or after, class ranks will be assigned only to the top half of the class. (See the Student Handbook, section 6.13, for more information.)

Prof. Smith-Drelich Seeking Research Assistant. Prof. Smith-Drelich is seeking a student to assist him this semester with research involving (1) the right to travel; and (2) tort theory. The position would be for academic credit (via Independent Research, one credit, pass/fail) rather than for pay.

Counseling Services. This is a reminder that the university provides counseling services free of charge for students. Click here for details on the available resources, including individual counseling through Skylight Counseling Services. In addition to resources available through the university, the Lawyers Assistance Program also provides assistance to law students. LAP provides free and confidential assistance to members of the Illinois legal community, and can help you with issues of addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, focusing, worries about the character and fitness process, and having a successful first-year transition. Click here for more information about LAP and the services it provides.

Joke of the Week. Don't you hate it when people answer their own questions? I do.