Associate Dean Sowle’s Announcements, January 29 - February 2, 2024

Spring 2024 Semester. The Spring 2024 Quick Guide page has a revised Spring schedule that includes exam information and classroom assignments. The Quick Guide page also provides information about add/drop period, pass/fail elections, applications for graduation (for those graduating at the end of this semester), and other matters. Please note: The add/drop period ends Tuesday, January 30; this is also the deadline for submitting pass/fail elections and applications for graduation.

July 2024 Illinois Bar Applications. Applications for the July 2024 Illinois bar exam are due by February 15, 2024. You may file a late application up to April 30, but penalty fees apply. The forms and instructions are available on the bar examiners' web site. All information you disclose on the bar application should be consistent with answers to questions on your Application for Admission to the law school. Please note, however, that the bar application asks for a considerable amount of information that you were not asked to provide on our Application for Admission. You only need to be concerned about the consistency of your answers for questions asked on both forms. You can amend your Application for Admission, if necessary, by addressing a letter to me setting forth the details of the omission or misrepresentation and the reason for it. Click here for more information about the bar exam and about Chicago-Kent's bar preparation support.

Dean's Certificate: The law school sends a “Certification of Juris Doctorate” to the Illinois bar examiners for every student who graduates in December or May. Please be sure to file an Application for Graduation (see information on the Spring 2024 Quick Guide page for how to file one) at the beginning of your last semester so we will know you plan to graduate at the end of that semester. Important note: University policy does not allow the certification of any student to the bar examiners if the student has an outstanding balance owed to the school.

Bar Exams in Other States. If you plan to take a bar exam outside of Illinois, you should provide Dean Sowle with appropriate forms for the Law School to complete as soon as possible (by email to

MPRE: Registration Information for 2024 Test Dates. The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) is required for admission to the bars of most jurisdictions, including Illinois. Students planning on taking the Illinois bar exam may take the MPRE at any time during or after law school. Click here for a list of 2024 test dates and deadlines for applying. The first 2024 test administration is March 26 or 27, with an application deadline of January 25, 2024.

Counseling Services. This is a reminder that the university provides counseling services free of charge for students. Click here for details on the available resources, including individual counseling through Skylight Counseling Services. In addition to resources available through the university, the Lawyers Assistance Program also provides assistance to law students. LAP provides free and confidential assistance to members of the Illinois legal community, and can help you with issues of addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, focusing, worries about the character and fitness process, and having a successful first-year transition. Click here for more information about LAP and the services it provides.

Joke of the Week. Did you know that books change color after you finish them? They become red!