Associate Dean Sowle’s Announcements, March 21 - March 25, 2022

COVID-19 Policies and  Procedures for Spring 2022. The Law School's current policies and procedures for addressing the pandemic. If you have any questions, please email me at

Revised Mask Requirement. Effective February 28, 2022, the  university has relaxed the mask requirement. Masks must still be worn at all times in the following building locations: 

  • Classrooms, even when a class is not in session (the only exception is when an event is held in a classroom and food is served by the event organizers)
  • The Auditorium
  • The Marovitz and Kohen courtrooms

Masks are now optional in other locations. This policy applies to all members of the community, including those with exemptions from the vaccination requirement, and to visitors.

If you witness any member of the community violating the mask policy, and you do not feel comfortable raising the issue with the person, please either email Dean Sowle ( or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, please complete this form. You should also contact Dean Sowle (or use the form) to report any other safety issues you observe in the building.

Academic Calendar for 2022-2023. Please click here for the Chicago-Kent academic calender for 2022-2023, as approved by the faculty. The calendar reflects the faculty's decision not to hold classes on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. (Please note that, because Eid al-Fitr falls on a Friday night and Saturday in April 2023, it doesn't require any class cancellations for next academic year.)

Classrooms for Remote Use. We have reserved rooms at the Law School for you to use if you won't have sufficient time to travel from home to school (or vice versa) in between your remote class and an on-site class you have the same day. These rooms will remain the same throughout the semester. Click here for the list (by course). Please note: You will each connect to class individually in Zoom and should have earphones or headphones with you.

Counseling Services.  This is a reminder that the university provides counseling services free of charge for students. Click here for details on the available resources, including individual counseling through Skylight Counseling Services. In addition to resources available through the university, the Lawyers Assistance Program also provides assistance to law students. LAP provides free and confidential assistance to members of the Illinois legal community, including students, and can help you with issues of addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, focusing, worries about the character and fitness process, and having a successful first-year transition. Click here for more information about LAP and the services it provides.