Enrollment - Loan Deferment Update

*Paper In-house deferment forms” were discontinued by the Registrar's Office several years ago. *You can print the enrollment certificate and send to your service provider(s). Or you can have your service provider(s) go to: www.studentclearinghouse.org and request your enrollment status. Chicago-Kent College of Law is under Illinois Institute of Technology. School code:001691-01

*PLEASE NOTE:  IIT reports your enrollment on a monthly basis while you are enrolled in classes.  The Clearinghouse link will not be available for use until approximately September 15th.

After September 1, 2023 (the add/drop deadline) you may obtain a letter of enrollment that verifies your current student status by completing a “form letter request” form from our Registrar Online Forms Directory:


** If your social security number is not in our student database, and your service provider only uses the NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System), they will not receive the Clearinghouse enrollment report verifying your enrollment. Please verify with our office that your SSN is recorded in the system. If it is not, we will make arrangements for you to send us your information via a secure google doc form!  You can alternatively come into our office with a copy of your signed ssn card as well.