Fall 2021 Upass: "Opt out" form

All full-time J.D. students (determined by your official division status, not by the number of credit hours you take in a particular semester) are enrolled in the U-Pass program. Your current Ventra U-Pass card will be activated to work from Monday, August 23 (the first day of regular classes) through Friday, December 20 (the last day of exams).  The mandatory fee of $145 for the Fall semester will be billed to your student account.

Students may choose to OPT OUT of the UPASS program for the semester by completing the Fall 2021 opt-out form by September 4, 2021. The form must be completed by this deadline to ensure your student account will not be billed the UPass fee.

Please note that this is a new policy and only applicable to the Fall 2021 Semester.