New! CK Apostille Certification Process

A new service is now available for current students and alumni wishing to have transcripts and/or diplomas receive apostille certification.

1 Order a replacement diploma (Note: this process can take 3-5 weeks)

 You can order a replacement diploma at the link below under the heading Online Forms:

Click Here

2 You will be notified by the Registrar's office when the diploma is received by our office.  

Hire a Notary. (you would need to find a notary in the Chicagoland area) Below is a local company that you can use for this service:

Click Here

3 You will need the Notary’s name on the IIT FERPA request form to give them access to your academic information.  In the “Permit Access to” column, please state what document(s) require the apostille certification.

Below is the link for the FERPA request:

Click Here

4 Finally, you will arrange a time and date for the Notary to meet with the Chicago-Kent Registrar or Associate Dean. The Notary will meet and complete all paperwork for you from this point onward.

Transcripts are ordered online.  You should have the transcript sent directly to the Kent Registrar using the email:

Indicate that you wish the transcript to have apostille certification and follow steps 2-4 above.  Transcript link below:

Click Here