SELS/IPLS March Madness Pool and Raffle

March Madness flierThe Sports and Entertainment Law Society and Intellectual Property Law Society are holding a March Madness Pool and Raffle. All proceeds will help fund the organizations'  competition expenses and future events.

It costs $5 for one March Madness bracket entry and one raffle ticket. Students may also purchase three raffle tickets and one bracket entry for $10. Prizes are listed on the attached flier. Students may buy as many raffle tickets as they want.

Once a student has completed their Venmo transaction, they need to send a screenshot of the transaction to and they will receive the ESPN bracket name and password. It does not matter where the student places in the March Madness brackets for the raffle prizes. The raffle prizes will be drawn TBD on a live zoom event. 

Students with questions or concerns can contact or text 847-915-0525.