Student Legal Writing Competitions - March 2024

The following are writing competitions to which law students may be eligible to submit their writings. For future writing competition deadlines and competitions by subject, see the Library’s Student Legal Writing Competitions Guide.

Notre Dame Church, State & Society Writing Competition
"The purpose of this writing competition is to encourage scholarship related to the intersection of church, state & society, and in particular how the law structures and governs that intersection."
Deadline: March 1, 2023

Institute for Energy Law Hartrick Scholar Writing Competition
"The general subject for this year’s competition is any topic related to energy development. This includes, for example, topics concerning oil and gas law, alternative energy resources, energy regulation, and environmental regulation of the energy industries."
Deadline: March 1, 2023

White River Environmental Law Writing Competition
"Applicants are invited to submit original essays addressing any relevant topic in the fields of environmental law, natural resource law, energy law, environmental justice, land use law, animal law, and agricultural law."
Deadline: March 20, 2023

"The SIEL/JIEL/OUP Prize is an essay prize, jointly established by the Society of International Economic Law, the Journal of International Economic Law, and Oxford University Press, to award the best essay submitted on any topic in the field of international economic law."
Deadline: March 14, 2022

Diane and Stephen Uhl Essay Competition for Law School Students
2022 Topic: Craft an argument that religious exemptions from vaccine requirements are not legally required, addressing constitutional questions as well as other legal issues raised by such mandates. 
Deadline: March 15, 2023

Law & Social Inquiry Graduate Student Paper Competition
Coordinated by American Bar Foundation
Deadline: March 15, 2023

Roy Snell Health Care Regulatory and Compliance Writing Competition
"In keeping with Roy Snell’s keen interest in practical, realistic, and user-centered communication, as well as a commitment to efficiency and clarity in writing, this demanding competition requires students to analyze a hypothetical fact pattern (the Competition Problem) involving an organization facing multifaceted health care regulatory/compliance matters and draft two separate internal memoranda to two different recipients within the organization."
Deadline: March 15, 2023

Trandafir Writing Competition
Any contemporary international business or economic concern within the discipline of law.
Deadline: March 17, 2023. Annual competition.

Bohemian Lawyers Association of Chicago Scholarship
The Bohemian Lawyers’ Association of Chicago (BLAC) is the oldest ethnic Bar Association in Illinois.
All persons of Czech, Slovak, Moravian, Ruthenian, or Silesian ancestry enrolled in an accredited law
school in the greater Chicagoland area are eligible for an annual scholarship. 
Deadline: March 25, 2023

International Insolvency Institute Prize in International Insolvency Studies
The Prize is awarded for original legal research, commentary or analysis on topics of international insolvency and restructuring significance and on comparative international analysis of domestic insolvency and restructuring issues and developments.
Deadline: March 31, 2023. Annual competition.

DRI Law Student Diversity Scholarship
"Open to incoming second and third-year African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American students. Incoming second and third-year female law students are also eligible, regardless of race or ethnicity. Incoming second and third-year law students who also come from backgrounds that would add to the cause of diversity, regardless of race or gender are eligible to apply."
Deadline: March 31, 2023