TA search for 2L 2023 courses

Did you enjoy Con Law or Legislation? Interested in sharing your passion for these subjects with 1L & 2L students? ASP is looking for Teaching Assistants!!

We need TA's for the following professors: Marder, Sowle, Shapiro, Schmidt, Rosen, and Nagel.

TAs are selected from among CK's top upper-level students based on their performance in particular courses. 

TAs make a BIG difference by helping their peers through the following activities: 

  • TAs hold weekly office hours
  • TAs run large review sessions weekly open to all students in the class (ASP Sessions)
  • TAs run weekly small group sessions for selected students

If you're an upper-level student interested in working as an ASP TA, contact the professor you're interested in working with (list of professors in the TA application) and then submit an online TA APPLICATION application by AUGUST 1.

ASP TA poster featuring a wolf looking at the moon; it reads "Join the Wolfpack! ASP is searching for Legislation, Con Law, Torts, Contracts and Civ Pro TAs