Welcome (back)!

Dear Students,

To our entering students, welcome to Chicago-Kent! You have an exciting few years ahead of you. To our continuing students, welcome back! I hope you had an enjoyable and productive summer.

I'm writing to share some information and reminders as the new school year begins.

Start of semester:  Orientation for entering students starts today, and Fall classes begin next Monday, August 21. Please see the Fall 2023 Quick Guide page for the latest version of the class schedule, initial reading assignments, and other information about Fall classes.

COVID-19 policies:  The university urges that everyone be vaccinated against COVID-19 but is no longer requiring vaccination. However, it remains important that you stay home if you don't feel well and that you isolate and mask according to CDC guidelines if you test positive for COVID-19.

Entering the building:  We require students, faculty, and staff to tap their ID cards on the scanner at the security desk each time they enter the building. New students will receive their ID cards early this week.  

Visitors:  All visitors, including alumni, must present a driver's license or other valid government-issued ID and sign in at the security desk. If you will be bringing visitors into the building, please make sure that they have identification with them. Please note that the Law Library is open only to current Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff.

Fall courses and class recordings:  Most classes will meet in-person, while a few are being offered entirely online. Unless required as an ADA accommodation, faculty have the discretion whether to record their classes or not for later viewing. Those who elect to record their classes may make the recordings available for all enrolled students, or make them available only on a case-by-case basis (e.g., to students who miss a class due to illness or have an approved absence for other reasons). Please note: If you have to miss class, you will not be able to participate live by Zoom; there are no hybrid classes. Your option in the event of an absence is to watch a recording of the class if one is available.

Employment:  If you wish to work as a teaching assistant or research assistant at any point during the year, you must be federal-work-study ("FWS") eligible.  To be FWS-eligible, you must have submitted a completed FAFSA ("Free Application for Federal Student Aid") with the Financial Aid office and, based on your FAFSA, have been deemed to qualify as FWS-eligible. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid office (finaid@kentlaw.iit.edu).

I wish you all the best for the new semester and look forward to seeing you soon.

Dean Krug