Curriculum and Requirements

Though students can enroll at any time, they typically begin coursework for their certificate in labor and employment law in the fall semester of their second year. The certificate typically takes three semesters to complete. Students are required to take at least seven courses to earn the certificate:

  1. Employment Discrimination
  2. Employment Relationships
  3. Labor Law
  4. Legal Writing 4 — Labor/Employment Law *Students who qualify for Legal Writing 4 equivalency are required to watch recordings of select class meetings of Legal Writing 4 — Labor/Employment Law where research tools are discussed; the program administrator will provide information about how to do so.
  5. A labor/employment elective
  6. A practicum: Students choose between an additional, specialized elective; an externship; or a law clinic to complete their practicum in their final year of law school
  7. A seminar on a labor or employment law topic, or independent research with a sponsoring faculty member

Those in the joint LADR/Labor and Employment Certificate program have different requirements, which are located on the joint certificate program page.