Chicago-Kent Patent Hub

The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub is a pro bono program for Illinois inventors that allows under-resourced inventors to receive services and counsel from licensed patent attorneys. As a responsible matchmaker for inventors and volunteer patent attorneys, the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub must make certain that inventors meet minimal program requirements (including income and residency requirements), ensuring that those requesting pro bono assistance are qualified for referral into the program. The Patent Hub is open to individual inventors and small businesses in Illinois; eligibility guidelines are detailed in the links below:

Information for Inventors   Information for Volunteer Attorneys

The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub is part of the Patent Pro Bono Program, launched in 2011 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub coordinates all USPTO pro bono services to inventors in Illinois.

Disclaimer: The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub does not provide legal advice, and its services are limited to screening applicants for eligibility and referring those applicants to volunteer attorneys for evaluation and possible representation.

Contact Us

Paul Holly, Patent Hub Director
Phone: 312.906.5379