Recruiting Program: Information for Employers

Please join us for Chicago-Kent's Fall Recruiting Program!

If you have recruited at Chicago-Kent in the past, we welcome you back! If you have not, we are happy to assist you with your recruitment efforts this year. We welcome all types of employers, from small firms to major government agencies, who wish to hire top talent for clerks, internships, associates, and permanent, post-graduate positions. 

Our program begins every year in August at the Conviser Law Center in downtown Chicago. 

We are extremely proud of our student body—a student body that is rich and diverse on so many levels as indicated in our recent profile here—and invite you to get to know us better through Fall Recruiting!

For those who wish to interview students on campus, Chicago-Kent provides employers with the ability to pre-select 100% of their interview schedule candidates from bids submitted by students. We offer this opportunity so that you have the ability to only interview the students you have identified as a good fit for your firm, agency, or organization based on their initial application materials. 

Employers looking for an alternative to on-campus interviews can utilize our Resume Collect service. The Office of Career Development and Professionalism (CDP) will collect all application materials, prescreen them according to your specified hiring criteria, and then provide you with access to them on a designated date. Employers will still need to register for an account in our CK Career Hub.

Employer Registration is primarily handled through the CK Career Hub. If you need a tutorial on how to use the system, please contact our office at 312.906.5200.


Those who do not wish to use the CK Career Hub to register for Fall Recruiting can fill out this form.