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    New CALI Podcast: Why Outlining Should Be Called Synthesizing

    This podcast discusses why outlining in law school should really be called synthesizing, and gives tips to help you outline (or synthesize!) more effectively. Learning Outcomes On completion of the...

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  2. Student Services and Administrative Offices

    New CALI Podcast for the Law School Success Lesson Series

    The Importance of Collegiality and Professionalism: Discussions in Law School Success This podcast discusses the importance of collegiality and professionalism in law school and in practice, and gives concrete tips...

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  3. Student Services and Administrative Offices

    CALI Publishes New OER Casebooks for 1L Classrooms

    CALI's eLangdell Press has published two casebooks for the beginning of the academic year. The casebooks are authored by law faculty and free to download in various formation compatible with...

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  4. Student Services and Administrative Offices

    Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction Adds Features for Students

    To help create an enjoyable user experience for law students, CALI has made several updates to its website ( Here is what's new: Students can review their work on Lessons...

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    CALIcon22 Legal Education Conference: June 9-10

    Join us at the CALIcon22! One of the longest-running legal education | technology conferences is back! That’s right, CALIcon22 is in person June 9-10 in Chicago. We cannot wait to...

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    CALI redesigns website for better experience

    After many months of hard work and dedication from our team, we are pleased to announce the launch of our updated website! Our primary goal during the redesign process was...

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