Bias Reporting Form

Students affected by bias (whether personally experienced or observed) can report the incident here or using the link below.  The report will be reviewed by members of the Chicago-Kent Bias Response Team (BRT). The BRT will ensure that reported bias incidents are properly recorded so that they may assess the campus climate on an ongoing basis and provide appropriate follow-up, which might include training, educational opportunities, facilitated discussions, or other mitigation strategies. BRT members may also explore options for resolution in collaboration with the student(s) and/or involved faculty or staff (if applicable and appropriate).  

Although complaints may be submitted anonymously, if we do not have contact information we will be unable to follow-up with you; and thus, the BRT's response may be limited. If however, you provide contact information, a member of the BRT may contact you to discuss your complaint in greater detail.

BIAS Reporting Form

NOTE: Depending on the facts and circumstances you describe, it may be necessary for us to send your complaint to the appropriate School Office for a response, i.e., the Office of Title IX Compliance or the Code of Conduct Committee. 

For information on reporting instances of sexual misconduct, please visit Illinois Tech’s website here.