Brave on Campus LGBTQ+ Program

The purpose of a Safe Space program at Chicago-Kent is to provide a space where people who have questions about gender and sexuality, whether in their own lives, in the lives of family and friends, or in the wider culture, can go to discuss those issues. Faculty and staff who choose to participate in the Brave on Campus program participate in a two-hour workshop where they are provided with resources to assist those who approach them with LGBTQ+ related concerns. Those who attend the workshop are identified by a “Brave on Campus” sticker hung on the door to their office or inside their office. In addition, those who participate are listed below. Participants in the program are considered “allies” and do not necessarily self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, but they are prepared to listen and respond to those with questions about related issues.

Members of the Chicago-Kent Lambdas, the LGBTQ+ student group, have indicated that they believe that Chicago-Kent is already a very supportive environment for LGBTQ+ students. We have a number of “out” faculty at Chicago-Kent, a course on sexual orientation and the law, same-sex partnership benefits for faculty and staff, and a very active LGBTQ+ student group. In addition, our law school faculty was among 30 law schools and law school faculties that supported FAIR v. Rumsfeld, a suit that challenged the Solomon Amendment, which allows military recruiters to come on campus, despite their refusal to sign our school's non-discrimination policy. Even with all of the great support that already exists for LGBTQ+ students at Chicago-Kent, the committee felt that faculty and staff would be more approachable if they participated in a Safe Space workshop and became familiar with resources for LGBTQ+ students, as well as the concerns of LGBTQ+ students. 


Academic Administration & Student Affairs

  • Steve Sowle 
  • Jenna Abhijeet

Administration & Finance / College Service Center

  • Sue Jadin


  • Gabriela Amador
  • Nicole Vilches 

Career Services

  • Michelle Mohr Vodenik


  • Emily Alesia
  • Lori Andrews
  • Greg Reilly
  • Marsha Ross-Jackson
  • Steve Sowle