Scholarship Appeals

Chicago-Kent commits significant funding to scholarship support each year. In determining awards the Scholarship Committee makes every effort to make the most competitive scholarship offer possible given our strong applicant pool and budgetary considerations. Award determinations are based on factors that include academic achievement, test scores, leadership ability, and potential contributions to the law school community.

We realize that law school is a major investment and scholarship funding is often a significant factor in determining which law school to attend. If you have been admitted to Chicago-Kent and finances are a concern, we invite you to submit a request for scholarship reconsideration. We do not automatically match scholarship offers from other law schools. However, the committee will consider the factors that are prompting your request and will determine if any additional funding is available. The number of appeals that the committee is able to grant varies from year to year based on the applicant pool and available budget.

To request scholarship reconsideration, please submit a brief written request by email to and provide the information listed below.

We encourage you to wait to submit your appeal until you have heard from the schools that you are most seriously considering attending.

  1. What factors do you want the Scholarship Committee to consider in reviewing your request for scholarship support?
  2. If scholarship offers from other law schools are prompting your request, please provide details regarding those offers and attach documentation of the awards. You may submit documentation of up to four competing offers for consideration. Please also include the seat deposit deadlines for the other offers that you are considering.

In reviewing competing offers, the Committee will consider the value of the award relative to the total cost of tuition at that institution. Due to differences in tuition cost, in some cases a larger scholarship award does not mean a lower cost of attendance.

You will typically receive a response to your appeal within one to two weeks.

Please note: The Scholarship Committee only considers appeals from admitted applicants prior to matriculation at Chicago-Kent. The committee does not have the discretion to reconsider awards for currently enrolled law students.