Students at the Institute for Law and the Workplace have the opportunity to participate on student editorial boards for two Chicago-Kent publications devoted to labor and employment law issues:

The Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal

Diverse perspectives on legal and law-related issues focused on workplace law. Published jointly with the Labor Law Group, the journal is multidisciplinary in approach, welcoming submissions from individuals in all disciplines, including labor and employment law, labor economics, labor relations, employment discrimination, human resources management, sociology, and industrial psychology.

Full articles can be found using such legal search services as Westlaw, Lexis, and HeinOnline. Those interested in submitting articles to the EREPJ should contact the ILW to learn about submission guidelines.

Submit a Manuscript to the EREPJ

Illinois Public Employee Relations Report

This peer-edited online publication is edited and circulated jointly by the Malin Institute and the University of Illinois School of Labor and Employment Relations. It publishes articles that should be of interest to anyone involved or interested in employer-employee relations in the public sector. The authors of articles are responsible for the content and for the opinions expressed and do not necessarily represent the views of the editorial board or their academic institutions. 

The Report accepts submissions for publication at any time. Submissions can be of any length and should follow the citation format for law review articles in the latest edition of the Bluebook. Publication decisions will be made by the editorial board, which consists of professors at Chicago-Kent College of Law and the University of Illinois School of Labor and Employment Relations. Because this is an online publication, we will publish articles “on demand,” which means that authors will see their articles published much more quickly than a traditional publication. Articles will be cite-checked by our student editorial staff and edited by the editorial board. We encourage practitioners, scholars, and advocates to submit articles for our consideration. 

Current and past issues of the Illinois Public Employee Relations Report are available at no charge through Scholarly Commons at

You can submit an article for consideration to Professor Nicole Porter at