Law Review Symposia on the Jury

Every few years, the Chicago-Kent Law Review publishes a symposium in which all of the articles focus on the jury and the jury process. Here is a list of the symposia, with links to the volumes:

The Justice John Paul Stevens Jury Center also helped organize two in-person conferences:

  • Papers for the conference, “Juries and Lay Participation: American Perspectives and Global Trends,” held at Chicago-Kent College of Law on October 10, 2014, were published as a Chicago-Kent Law Review Symposium and can be found at the link here.
  • Papers for the conference, “Juries and Mixed Tribunals across the Globe: New Developments, Common Challenges and Future Directions,” held at the Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Onati, Spain, from June 12–13, 2014, were published online only in the Onati Socio-Legal Series and can be found at