Judicial Clerkships

Judicial clerkships are among the most prestigious and competitive employment opportunities available to recent graduates. Usually lasting one to two years, a judicial clerkship is an excellent way to bridge the gap between law school and the practice of law. Clerks at all court levels obtain unparalleled access to and knowledge about the judicial process. This experience and perspective is attractive to future legal employers who hire former judicial clerks for their significant legal knowledge, insider view of the court system, and ability to view cases from the court's perspective.

There are a wide variety of courts—state and federal, trial and appellate, specialty—and the work can vary widely as well, but typically, clerks read briefs, attend court proceedings, write bench memoranda analyzing parties' arguments, advise the judge on the disposition of a case, and draft opinions.

We have compiled a list of resources to assist you in your search for a judicial clerkship. Additionally, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your career advisor in CDP to individually discuss your clerking options. Please call the office of CDP at (312) 906-5200, email kentcdp@kentlaw.iit.edu or stop by, the office of Career Development and Professionalism in Suite 360.


Chicago-Kent Judicial Clerkship Handbook

Vermont Guide: State court clerkship guide. (Contact the Career Services Office for login and password information.)

OSCAR: Online System for Clerkship Application and Review

Federal Magistrate Judges Association: Information on federal magistrate judges.

National Center for State Courts: Information on administrative aspects of courts.

U.S. Courts: Links to federal court websites for all circuits and districts.

Federal Judicial Center: Biographies for judges in federal courts.

Lexis: Information on available judicial clerkships.