Academic Support

Chicago-Kent’s ​Academic Skills Program

The goal of the Academic Skills Program (ASP) is to ensure that all Chicago-Kent students maximize their academic potential as they encounter the rigors of law school. In collaboration with doctrinal faculty, the offices of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, and the Legal Research and Writing Program, ASP seeks to empower students to become independent, self-regulating learners capable of increasing their learning effectiveness in law school and in practice.

What we do…


In the fall we hold a 1L Workshop Series which focuses on the basic skills needed for law school success. Topics include fundamentals in learning, preparing for class, creating outlines, studying for exams, writing exam answers, and interpreting exam results constructively. 1Ls are strongly encouraged to attend.

Throughout the school year we hold additional workshops for all students to reinforce important skills needed in law school. 

Small Group Sessions

The Academic Skills Program (ASP) provides additional assistance to students who may find law school especially challenging through the ASP Small Group Sessions, structured meetings for each doctrinal class led by teaching assistants. These weekly one-hour lessons focus on skills enhancement in the context of the subject matter for each class; they are not merely review sessions of class material.

During both semesters of the first year of law school, some students will be invited to participate in the ASP Small Group Sessions. In the fall, students are selected for membership in this program based upon a number of admissions criteria, including, but not limited to, LSAT score, college GPA, undergraduate course of study, and length of time since last in school. In the spring semester, participants are selected based upon their performance during the fall semester.

Teaching Assistants

We provide teaching assistants (TAs) for all of your first-year doctrinal courses (including legal writing) and selected upper-level courses. TAs are selected from among Chicago-Kent's top upper-level students based on their overall performance in law school and in particular courses. TAs hold weekly office hours, so you can obtain personalized one-on-one tutoring and guidance. TAs also provide at least two review sessions open to all students in the class (typically before a midterm and/or final exam).

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