Mies Campus Public Safety

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Conviser Law Center Information:


  • How to Contact Conviser Law Center’s Public Safety
    • The Conviser Law Center’s public safety officers (PSO) are located at the security desk of the lobby on the first floor during normal building opening hours.

    • The telephone number to the security desk is 312.906.5030.

    • Dialing 65030 from any campus internal phone—e.g., classroom phones, house phones, office phones, etc.—will also ring the desk.

    • When the building is closed, calls to 65030 are forwarded to the Mies Campus non-emergency security desk.

    • Emails to Public Safety can be sent to security@kentlaw.iit.edu.

Lost and Found:

  • Personal items lost inside Conviser Law Center that are found and turned into Public Safety are recorded and kept by the watch commander until claimed.

  • If you find an item, please bring it to the Public Safety desk in the lobby and state where you found the item. The officer on duty will complete an incident report and follow protocol.

  • If you have lost an item, go to the officer on duty for assistance to claim the lost property. Officers will follow the protocol for release.

Escort Services:

  • In the evening hours, a Public Safety officer is available to provide a walking escort for those with concerns about their personal safety. This service applies to any location within a two-block radius of Conviser Law Center, including Union Station and many adjacent parking locations. Please see the officer(s) on duty at the front desk for an escort, or call the Public Safety number: 312.906.5030.

Visitor Policy:

  • TBA

Floor Plans

  • Click here to see the floor plans for Conviser Law Center, marked with house phones, fire alarm pull stations, and fire extinguisher locations for each floor.


  • Fire Alarms and Evacuation Procedures
    • If you hear the fire alarm sound inside the building, never assume that it is a false alarm.  

    • Grab and Go: Once you hear the alarm, immediately leave your classroom, the library, cafeteria, fitness center, or any area you are in when you hear the alarm.

    • Do not stop at the restroom, your locker, etc.

    • Proceed to the nearest stairwell; do not use the elevators.

    • Quickly but calmly descend the stairs to the first floor—floors seven, eight, and nine should go through the gates on the seventh floor and remember to not stop.

    • At the first floor, exit the building and travel away from the building. Do not stop or stand in front of the building or in the street.

    • Do not return to the building until a Conviser Law Center evacuation coordinator or emergency personnel (fire or police) have given the all clear.



  • A tornado appears as a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud or debris/dust moving at high speeds on the ground. Tornadoes occur most frequently during April, May, and June.

  • Tornado Watch: This signals that atmospheric conditions are such that a tornado could develop.

  • Tornado Warning: This signals that an actual tornado has been sighted and confirmed.

  • Conviser Law Center Public Safety will receive information about tornado watches and/or warnings from an official weather radio. In the event of a tornado warning or watch, an announcement will be made via the CLC’s public announcement system.

    • Follow the instructions announced and move to the nearest shelter.

      • Safe shelter spaces inside CLC during a tornado include the concourse floor, inside the stairwells, and bathrooms.

    • Do not use the elevators.

    • Stay away from windows and exterior doors.

    • Remain in the shelter space until the all clear is given.

Inclement Weather

  • For other inclement weather emergencies, including severe thunderstorms, extreme heat or cold, etc., information and instructions will be communicated via the appropriate channels to all Conviser Law Center students, staff, and faculty.