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Office of Administration and Finance

Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Administration and Finance Office handles most non-academic functions of the Conviser Law Center campus, from reserving a room to programming access on ID cards to helping employees onboard and offboard. It takes care of the campus’s nuts-and-bolts functions, and serves as a liaison for functions primarily managed at the Mies Campus: phone connections, office keys, employee reimbursements, shipping and receiving, payroll, human resources, purchasing, public safety, student employment, Student Bar Association finances, and more. Details on a few of our primary responsibilities are provided below; if you have questions pertaining to any of these areas, we’re here to help.

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Our Functions

Administrative Manual: Our office maintains an administrative manual covering all of our functions, policies, and procedures. It is an excellent resource, especially useful as a quick reference guide to find answers to commonly asked questions when Administration and Finance staff are not readily available.

Staff/Faculty and Student Reimbursements: Our office handles all Travel and Entertainment Reimbursement Reports for staff and faculty, and SBA student reimbursement check requests. Paperwork can be submitted to the office or placed in the Administration and Finance mailbox for processing.

Event Planning: We facilitate many aspects of event logistics for internal and external groups. Whether you’re a faculty member trying to organize a meeting space or an SBA organization needing to arrange a venue for a guest speaker, contact us to make arrangements. For information on university- or law school-sponsored events, visit the Event Planning page. If you are an outside, non-university group that is interested in renting space for an event hosted at the Conviser Law Center, click here.

ID Cards and Keys: Our office is responsible for programming university photo ID cards for access points on doors with card readers. However, the ID cards are issued by the campus registrar’s office (Suite 220) for all current students, staff, and faculty. We also handle payments for the replacement of lost keys or IDs.

Facilities Management: Need a replacement key to your office? Need to reset your voicemail password? Want a special room set up for a meeting? We handle the logistics of office and campus space reservations for meetings or events, as well as the ongoing maintenance of these spaces. For faculty or staff, we set up your telephone lines, issue office keys, get your name plates, and place orders for business cards. The College Service Center (Suite 260), a branch of Administration and Finance, handles orders for office supplies, all shipping and receiving of packages, mail, and large photo copy orders.

Additional Information

For staff and faculty with disabilities who need assistance with telephone out-bound calls while on campus, there is a TTY device located in the Office of Admissions. The device is available during the office's business hours.

Parking: Chicago-Kent currently has discount pricing with multiple parking garages within several blocks of the Conviser Law Center. For more information about parking coupons, discounted rates, and hours, visit our parking page.

Contact Information

Office of Administration and Finance
Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 West Adams Street, Suite 265
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone: 312.906.5100
General Email:
Maintenance Email:, for office repairs, changes in office temperature settings, or light bulb changes

Campus Public Safety/Emergency Phone: 312.906.5030 or Ext. 6-5030