Solo and Small Practice Incubator

The Solo & Small Practice Incubator (SSPI) is a one-year program designed to offer a select group of entrepreneurial-minded recent IIT Chicago-Kent graduates with valuable experience and ongoing training to help build their professional careers as solo or small firm legal practitioners. The program is intended to accelerate the successful development of newly admitted lawyers in an "incubator" environment.

SSPI encourages and supports its graduates by providing substantive and skills training workshops, coaching in marketing and business development, mentoring support, networking opportunities, and an array of other resources. Participants are also provided with a working space and basic office fixtures.

Although there is no program fee to participate in SSPI, it is suggested that participants spend a couple hours per week with their matched clinical faculty or alumni-mentor in the mentor's firm. At a minimum, participants are required to meet with their matched mentors eight times during the yearlong program. Time spent in the mentors' firms provide participants with additional experiential training, and assists in further enhancing participants' professional careers.

Is SSPI right for me?

The decision to go the solo or small-firm route is not for everyone. Why might building your own law practice be right for you? Consider the following:

You seek freedom and autonomy. You want to be able to take full ownership of your work and want more independence professionally. You want control over the clients you work with.

You are ready for a challenge (and there's something exhilarating about it! The thought of owning your own business is scary, but exciting at the same time. You understand that starting out, you will not only be the attorney, but the marketing director, business development manager, the accountant, and paralegal…all rolled into one. Through SSPI’s various workshops, you’ll not only learn from seasoned lawyers but from other professionals in the industry — from legal marketers to accountants.

You are unsure and want to test the waters. SSPI is known to help individuals jump start their own practices. But, the program has also helped those who are unsure and would like to “test the waters.” Relationships built through the program have opened up referral networks, increased participants’ knowledge and skills, and for some, have opened up future job opportunities.

We are now accepting applications for the 2023-24 cohort. Participation is limited to IIT Chicago-Kent graduates. 

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