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All Alumni: Email Forwarding

As a Chicago-Kent graduate, the Alumni Association is pleased to offer you the option of setting up an email forwarding address through our email forwarding service.

This service is available through the Chicago-Kent Alumni Online Community at and allows you to choose a address that will be forwarded to your specified personal email account (e.g. gmail, yahoo, or work email, etc).

This address is NOT a "real" email address with an email inbox. Instead, when emails are sent to this address, they are automatically forwarded to the personal email box you specified.

The benefit of an email forwarding address is that you won't have to notify everyone in your address book of a new or discontinued email address because you can simply update your personal email address by logging into the Online Community, and emails will subsequently be forwarded to your new email address.

In order to access email forwarding, you must be logged into the Alumni Online Community. Not a member?


Contact the Alumni Association at or (312) 906-5240.