Faculty Services

Chicago-Kent law librarians offer faculty members expert research assistance, support for their scholarship, technical assistance with digital education resources for their courses.

Research Assistance

Chicago-Kent librarians are available to address facultys’ research questions, both legal and non-legal. Please feel free to email us at refreq@kentlaw.iit.edu. The library provides access to a universe of physical and digital resources through Illinois Tech’s libraries and through our consortial partners. Email refreq@kentlaw.iit.edu  to request materials and we’ll deliver to your office or email when received.

Scholarship Support

The library oversees administrative and scholarship support services for faculty. “Scholarship support” refers to assistance with submitting, distributing, and promoting your scholarship. As part of scholarship support, the library manages Scholarly Commons (our institutional repository) and Selected Works. We can also help with SSRN, ORCID, and Scholastica. For information about additional services, faculty members can view the Faculty Administrative and Scholarship Support Services guide.

If you have questions about faculty support services, including scholarship support, please contact refreq@kentlaw.iit.edu.

Technical Assistance

The library’s technical librarians support the digital education resources from Blackboard to Zoom, Panopto, and classroom tech equipment. Support is also available to incorporate Google Apps and Microsoft Word into classroom and course website resources from online attendance forms to document templates and in-class workshops. 

The Chicago-Kent Blackboard Setup and Support Site (private faculty site) is one collection of training resources and examples to support teaching strategies in course websites.

Additional individual technical support for teaching and scholarship is offered in tandem with the IT and AV departments to faculty who reach out to helpdesk@kentlaw.iit.edu with questions and through live and virtual workshops, handouts, and recorded video demos.

Adjunct Faculty

The library provides our adjunct faculty with access to our electronic databases, including Westlaw and Lexis, with their kentlaw username and password. The law librarians provide expert research assistance and in-class research presentations for students. The Document Center in the library is available to make copies and print course-related materials.

For all course-related research or presentation requests, please contact Reference at refreq@kentlaw.iit.edu.

For technology assistance, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@kentlaw.iit.edu.