Library Policies

The Law Library is only open to current Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff. For FDLP collection use, see policy below.

To ensure a safe, respectful, and productive environment for study and research for all users, we expect all library users to become familiar with and conform to the following Chicago-Kent College of Law Library policies.

General Use Policy

Security and Safety

Personal belongings must never be left unattended. Security officers may move unattended items during routine patrols. Inquire about lost items at the first floor security desk. 

Library staff and/or security personnel may ask any person using the library to show appropriate identification. Refusal to comply may result in removal from the facility.

Quiet Study

The Law Library is a quiet study space within the Conviser Law Center. Talking is discouraged in open seating areas where, if necessary, conversations should be brief and very quiet. For group study and discussion, the Law Library offers ten study rooms students can reserve at the Service Desk on the 9th floor.

Food and Drink

Drinks are permitted in the library but not in the computer lab. Food is not permitted anywhere in the library, including in the library's outdoor spaces.

Smoking and Tobacco Products

Illinois Institute of Technology is subject to the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act and Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance. Smoking and the use of tobacco or similar products are prohibited in the library and the library's outdoor spaces.

Cell Phones

Users of the library are asked to conduct cell phone conversations outside the library or in stairwells. Turn off ringers and leave phones on vibrate while in the library.


Individuals who wish to film or take photographs in the library must contact the library director to seek permission.

FDLP Collection Use

The Chicago-Kent Law Library is a selective depository for United States federal documents currently receiving a minimal number of law related titles. 

Due to building security requirements, non-Illinois Tech individuals who wish to use the Law Library's federal depository documents collection must make an appointment with a reference librarian in advance. Access to the library is limited to use of the federal depository documents.  Make an appointment by emailing or calling 312.906.5600 during regular reference hours.

Individuals with appointments must present a government-issued photo ID and register with the security desk upon entry to the building. They will be directed to the Library where a reference librarian will assist with the federal depository collection.

Restricted Access

During exam periods in May and December, only members of the Illinois Tech community may use the Chicago-Kent Law Library.

Electronic Resources Use Policy

Databases and electronic journals are provided for academic research by current authorized Illinois Institute of Technology faculty, students, and staff. Note that some resources may be limited to Chicago-Kent users only. These online resources are governed by copyright law and the license terms between the university and the publisher. Unauthorized use of or access to these online services may also violate Chicago-Kent Computer & Web Policies. If you experience problems accessing electronic resources or have a question about access, please contact Reference at

Prohibited Actions

  • Any commercial use.
  • Systematic or substantial reproduction of the information provided in the database or electronic journal or the creation of derivative works.
  • The alteration, modification, or repackaging of the information contents in the database or electronic journal, including creating a searchable archive.
  • Distribution of the information contents of the online service, or material downloaded from the online service, in any form.
  • Systematic downloading of data collections or entire journals or conference proceedings.
  • The library maintains the right to deny access to its computing resources to patrons who violate the Electronic Resources Use Policy and the right to monitor network use and discipline staff members under Illinois Tech personnel policies if they violate acceptable use of computing resources.

Borrowing Policies for Library Materials

To ensure the availability of primary and reference materials and the completeness of loose-leaf and supplemented works, the following items are not available for checkout:

  • Primary law (reporters, statutes, administrative materials)
  • Reference material (including digests, directories, and encyclopedias)
  • Loose-leafs
  • All regularly updated (by pamphlet supplementation, or pocket parts) material

All other materials are available for checkout.

Loan Periods and Renewals for Circulating Items

  Books   Media  
  Initial Loan Maximum Loan* Initial Loan Maximum Loan*
Graduate Students 16 weeks (112 days) 32 weeks (224 days) 1 week 2 weeks
Undergraduate Students 4 weeks (28 days) 15 weeks (105 days) 1 week 2 weeks
Law Faculty 1 year (365 days) 3 years (1095 days) 1 week 2 weeks
Adjunct Law Faculty 16 weeks (112 days) 32 weeks (224 days) 1 week 2 weeks
Visiting Scholars 16 weeks (112 days) 32 weeks (224 days) 1 week 2 weeks
Academic Employees 16 weeks (112 days) 32 weeks (224 days) 1 week 2 weeks
I-Share Members 4 weeks (28 days) 16 weeks (112 days) - -

* Renewals are granted provided there are no outstanding holds/recalls.

Fines for Overdue Items

3-hour Reserve $0.25 / hour
1-day / 7-day Reserve $0.50 / day

Pay overdue fines or lost item replacement fees