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Welcome to the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law web pages for our newly admitted students!

These pages contain notices of upcoming events at Chicago-Kent, as well as other information of interest to entering law students. A member of the International Law and Policy office will be e-mailing you all the necessary arrival details. However, if you have any questions or need additional information in the meantime, please contact the Office of International Law and Policy at 312.906.5134 or by email at

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Concentration option for LL.M. Students

Chicago-Kent offers concentration semester options for LL.M. students who wish to continue their studies beyond the 24 minimum credits and one year of study required for the LL.M. degree. Students who qualify may complete one or two additional semesters (a third or a third and a fourth semester of the LL.M. program) and focus on a particular area of law. Completion of the concentration will be noted on the student transcript at the conclusion of the LL.M. program. Any student approved for a concentration will remain enrolled in the same LL.M. program that the student was enrolled in at the start of their LL.M. degree program. The specific areas of concentration are:

Qualification of Student for the Concentration:

Any LL.M. student seeking to qualify to complete a concentration semester or year must be in good academic standing, file a concentration application by April 1 of a given year for study beginning in the following fall semester, and arrange to have submitted on the student's behalf, one recommendation by a Chicago-Kent faculty member who has had relevant experience with the student and who can opine on the student's academic performance and English language abilities. After a student has been approved for a concentration semester, where applicable, the student is to file a Program Extension form (along with a new financial affidavit) with the Illinois Tech Office of Global Services on the main campus.

Academic Requirements for a Concentration:

To earn the concentration, the student must successfully complete a total of nine credit hours in approved coursework in the area of concentration. Of the total of nine credit hours required for the concentration, a minimum of six must be taken in the concentration semester. The Associate Dean of International LL.M. Programs or a full-time faculty member shall serve as academic adviser to the concentration student in regard to course selection.