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Mission and Leadership

Anita Krug Profile
Dean Anita K. Krug

The mission of Chicago-Kent College of Law at Illinois Tech is to train students for the practice of law and to house a vibrant scholarly community that contributes to academic and public policy discourse on a wide range of legal issues.

Chicago-Kent believes that its mission starts with outstanding faculty members who impart their enthusiasm for law and their intellectual acumen through teaching classes and interacting with students in other settings. Chicago-Kent interweaves theoretical and skills-oriented teaching under the broad umbrella of a scholarly community that encourages students to assist faculty members as they develop scholarship to fuel both academic and public policy debates.

Recognizing that students must be able to think like lawyers before they can practice, Chicago-Kent first and foremost teaches students the inner logic of the law. Chicago-Kent then stresses foundational skills programs that enable students to learn to practice as attorneys. The school's focus on legal writing, clinical, and trial advocacy programs equips students to get real-world practice even before they graduate, and to hit the ground running when they do. In addition, the school's ties to a leading tech university and historical focus on the intersection between law and technology further enhance students' ability to adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing legal industry.