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    1. Nancy Marder

      Nancy S. Marder

      • Professor of Law
      • Director of the Justice John Paul Stevens Jury Center
      • Co-Director of the Institute for Law and the Humanities
  2. N

    1. Mary Nagel

      Mary T. Nagel

      • Assistant Professor Legal Writing
      • Associate Director of Moot Court
  3. P

    1. Nicole Buonocore

      Nicole Buonocore Porter

      • Professor of Law
      • Director of the Martin H. Malin Institute for Law & the Workplace
  4. R

    1. Gregory Reilly

      Greg Reilly

      • Professor of Law
      • Co-Director of the Program in Intellectual Property Law
      • Associate Dean for Scholarship and Faculty Development
    2. Jenifer Robbins

      Jenifer M. Robbins

      • Director of Experiential Learning
      • Senior Lecturer
      • Director of the Financial Markets Compliance Online Program
    3. Paul Rogerson

      • Visiting Assistant Professor
    4. Mark Rosen

      Mark D. Rosen

      • University Distinguished Professor
      • Professor of Law
    5. Marsha Ross Jackson

      Marsha Ross-Jackson

      • University Ombudsperson
      • Associate Dean, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
      • Executive Director, Martin H. Malin Institute for Law and the Workplace
      • Senior Lecturer