Honors Scholars Program

Full-tuition scholarships for law school

At Chicago-Kent thinking ahead means teaming top-tier students with innovative legal scholars and practitioners to shape the law's future.

The Honors Scholars Program at Chicago-Kent provides full-tuition law school scholarships for extraordinarily talented and motivated students with the potential to influence the profession's direction. This support adds financial freedom to the intellectual freedom all Chicago-Kent students enjoy.

Honors Scholars explore numerous aspects of legal practice and public policy through close collaboration with Chicago-Kent faculty members. In their first year of law school, they attend an honors seminar that explores a diverse array of topics related to the first-year doctrinal courses as well as current legal issues.  In their second year, Honors Scholars work on a law and public policy project. In their final year, they collaborate with faculty to produce a publishable paper on a topic of particular interest.

Chicago-Kent Honors Scholars graduate from law school with incomparable experience and influential contacts in the legal world—crucial capital for students seeking to influence the shape and substance of the law.

Honors alumni can be found in a wide variety of legal, business, and entrepreneurial settings, including small and large law firms, major pharmaceutical companies and other corporations, start-up companies, public interest organizations, academia, government agencies and state courts. Since the inception of the Honors Scholars Program in 1998, Chicago-Kent has graduated 142 Honors Scholars who live and work in 32 states and abroad.

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